» Designing and installing electrical systems for all the commercial spaces in the following shopping malls: Carrefour, Kaufland, Ruse1, Ruse2, Vratza (Bulgaria), Cora, Iulius Mall, Auchan, Real, the International Airport of Timisoara, Airoport in Cluj-Napoca, at the International Airport Bucharest-Otopeni, Airport Sibiu, Sibiu Railway Station, North Railway Station in Bucharest, Focsani Railway Station, Burdujeni-Suceava Railway Station, Galati Railway Station, Brasov Railway Station, Deva Bus Station for the following brands: INMEDIO, RELAY, MOA, 1MINUTE, SO! COFFEE, INMEDIO CAFÉ, VOYAGE CAFE for the company HACHETTE DISTRIBUTION SERVICES INMEDIO, the current LS TRAVEL RETAIL ROMANIA.
» Outdoor lightning electrical installation for Vila 4 Snagov for the company VALROM,
» Outdoor lightning electrical installation and indoor revision at Vila 7 Snagov for the company SOEMA,
» New electrical installation and telephony system for PANI-GRUP-CONSTRUCT,
» Electrical installation for the company MARCHAND,
» Outdoor electrical installation and revision of electric panel for the mill of ALLMETAL in Ploiesti,
» New electrical installation and doors automation for ROLIMPEX ANSTALT ROM’s headquarters in Bucharest and it’s
   warehouses in Tunari.
» Restored safety earthing for SCHNECKER VAN WYC & PEARSON Company,
» Lightning rod installation for GAZ SUD company,
» Electrical installation for WORLD CLASS Promenada Mall,
» Electrical installations for GAZ SUD headquarters in Ghermanesti and Gruiu,
» Modified and upgraded electrical installations for ELI LILLY Company - OPERA CENTER,
» New electrical installation at the Floreasca Market Hall for OGIP,
» Electrical & low -current designs for IMA CONSTRUCT,
» Technical design for electrical installations for LUSH company,
» Designing electrical installations for production hall for VENUS D.C.H.


» Telephone networks and VoIP systems for SCHNECKER VAN WYK & PEARSON in Bucharest and Sibiu,
» TV & telephone network for Hotel Traian from Neptun for the company EMAROM,
» Data-voice and TV networks for the entire Bekiaris building for BEKIARIS company,
» Telecommunication networks for O.R.D.A. ( Romanian Copyright Office) - Romanian Gouverment,
» Video monitoring system for FLACARA in Ploiesti,
» PBX installing and service for INDEPENDENTA SIBIU,
» PBX installing and service for EXPLOATAREA MINIERA ( Mining Company) TEBEA-Brad,
» Telephone network and intrusion alarm system for INSTITUTUL DE IGIENA PUBLICA,
» Closed-circuit TV system and telephone networks for ALLMETAL MILL - Ploiesti,
» Telephone network, closed-circuit TV system and satellite TV reception system for ATOM PLUS,
» Telephone network for the Bucharest headquarters of the company AVICOLA CALARASI,
» Structured cabling and PBX for F.E.S.D. Romania,
» Telephone and TV networks for MARCHAND,
» Designing telephone network for UNION MOTORS,
» Telephone network, PBX and service for MUNPLAST,
» Telephone network, video monitoring system and intrusion alarm system against burglary for ROLIMPEX ANSTALT